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From what I have seen those reports are generated by programs like DM-780.  They fail to discriminate between empty rails and whatever else they may be receiving at any given time, so I think they are pretty meaningless.  For instance: right now I have DM-780 on 20m and when I put the cursor on the background with no signals, DM-780 reports -30db IMD and a 32db s/n.  Those would be good numbers on an actual signal, but utterly meaningless on background noise.

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On 12/27/20 11:10 AM, Jerry N9AVY wrote:
I see stations giving out S/N  and IMD reports.  Tend to ignore them, but have always wondered if they really have any value or are just filler.   

If a station can make contact with me that's usually good enough for me.  If someone gets a 599 report from me, it's because the 599 is given to everyone and I seldom deviate from that. (No one gets offended that way, ha-ha !)

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