Re: ACLog

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek

On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 22:22:44 +0000, Stephen Melachrinos via wrote:
Does anyone use ACLog? I'm trying to help someone figure out how to
extract their Christmas Run log.
Specifically, we need instructions on how to export a file that:
- only has QSOs from 12/25/2020- only has PSK31 QSOs- only has the Date,
Time, Callsign, Mode, Freq or Band fields- is either .txt, .prn, .csx,
.xls, etc
If you can help, please post the instructions here. Thanks.
Even if the software doesn't allow all the fancy filtering for csv or txt
export, it isn't too difficult to use the command line (namely 'grep' or
'awk') or something like Excel to throw away the rows and columns that don't
fit the requirements for the Christmas Run log.

This might be easier than fighting with some of the logging programs.


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