Re: Serious question

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek

On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 19:10:31 +0000, Jerry N9AVY wrote:
I see stations giving out S/N  and IMD reports.  Tend to ignore them, but
have always wondered if they really have any value or are just filler.   
I find them useful. They give me a more accurate idea of what my signal
looks like on the waterfall - and since they are generated automatically,
there is less operator interpretation.

I think the fldigi manual talks a about what the two numbers mean, but the
rule of thumb KC3FL told me when I started with fldigi, was that S/N should
be equal to the the negated IMD for "perfect" signal. For example,

- 30dB S/N & -30dB IMD is great
- 30dB S/N & -15dB IMD means that I'm a bit wider than I should be

Technically, this info is contained in the RSQ, but like many I tend to
leave it at 599 unless something warrants changing it.

If a station can make contact with me that's usually good enough for me. 
And that's fine too, after all - it is 'only' a hobby. :)

Jeff (AC1JR).

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