Re: 25 contacts on 20m

Jerry N9AVY


No problem.  Figured out you were in AZ from the /7  identifier.  Made correction in my log.  You signal was good enough to get name & signal report; then everything went to pot with your signal.

BTW, you down the road from my old friend Dale , WA9ENA, who is up kind of Northeast from you. Looks to be a short distance on the map, but maps are misleading - ha-ha !

Also, don't need your Grid, but need grids further West; so don't sweat it..  Another 9-land friend is around Sioux Falls, but never hear him.

73,  Jerry n9avy

On Sunday, December 27, 2020, 12:43:28 PM CST, Michael KE0CEN <mlhagema@...> wrote:

   Well, I wrote a detailed reply to this post, then my browser crashed before I could send it. Very sorry for the miscommunication Jerry. I was operating as KE0CEN/7 as I was in Phoenix, Az on vacation. I was trying to tell you I was NOT in Iowa, but the NOT part got lost in the ether. So I was in Az when we made contact. I will try very hard to make contact next time I see your call from home, it is easy to remember.

  Again, sorry for any part I played in the confusion and congrats on the 25, I worked about 3 hours and only got 11, but had fun trying.


   Michael KE0CEN

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