Re: Secondary Callsign detailed usage information

Stephen Melachrinos

Michael -

Bob's info is exactly correct for eQSL, but I need to tweak the LoTW info.

> As for LoTW, you will need to request a new certificate for the KE0CEN/7 call sign.  

Exactly correct. LoTW issues certificates for each callsign or callsign variant you use.

You can do that through the TQSO program.

There's a typo there. It's the TQSL program. Under the "Callsign Ceritificate" menu pick, select "Request New Callsign Certificate."

Make sure you enter the correct QTH information. 

Here's where eQSL and LoTW are different. LoTW's callsign certificates do NOT identify the actual QTH other than DXCC entity. If I operated as W3HF from 28 different states (other than Alaska and Hawaii), I could use the same callsign certificate. (If I make even a minor variation in the callsign, I'd need a different certificate, but that's the answer to a different question.)

So you request a certificate for KE0CEN/7 without stating you are in Arizona. And you can use it if/when you operate from Washington, Idaho, or wherever you sign as KE0CEN/7.

When you receive the new certificate via email, you will need to import it into the TQSL program.

Correct. After you receive the certificate is when you create station locations and then associate them with the correct callsign certificate(s). To some extent, you can mix and match a bit. I've almost always operated with portable identifiers, but I've been portable as W3HF/3 and W3HF/0 from at least two different locations each. So I created separate station locations (two in the third district and two in the tenth district), and associated them with the same W3HF/3 and W3HF/0 certificates, respectively. And very occasionally, I've operated as W3HF from somewhere else--I know one time was from a club station in California where I almost always operated as W3HF/6. So I had to create two instances of that same station location with different callsign certificates.

It probably sounds more difficult than it really is. TQSL shows you in a tree structure which location-certificate combinations you have established.

From then on, just make sure you select the correct QTH when uploading to LoTW.

And I'll modify that to say "correct QTH/certificate combination" to allow for all possible variants.

As to the rest of your questions:

- I can't help you with QRZ, as I don't log there.
- I suspect that different logging programs address (your) station locations differently, so you should probably identify your logger. Someone here should be able to help.

W3HF (and W3HF/1, W3HF/2, W3HF/3, W3HF/4, W3HF/6, W3HF/8, W3HF/0, W3HF/KH2, W3HF/KH6, W1A and VQ9HF)

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