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As a support volunteer for eQSL, what you need to do is create an attached account for the KE0CEN/7 call.

This is how:

Log into your existing account and go to the 'My Accounts' page,
and at the bottom of the page you will see a section called: 'Register a New Attached Account'.
Change the callsign to be KE0CEN/7, put in the start date of when you made the first contact with that call,
enter an corresponding End Date, enter all the correct QTH information, give it a good nickname based on where you were operating from,
and press the 'Create New' button.

The new account will be attached to your old account, so they will share the same membership level,
and also the credits from both accounts will be combined for the eAwards program.

As for, just login and go to the account manager page:
A ways down is a section called Secondary Callsigns.  Click on the "Add a new secondary callsign" link, and go from there.

As for LoTW, you will need to request a new certificate for the KE0CEN/7 call sign.  You can do that through the TQSO program.  Make sure you enter the correct QTH information.  When you receive the new certificate via email, you will need to import it into the TQSL program.  From then on, just make sure you select the correct QTH when uploading to LoTW.

Those are the ones I can help you with.

K4VBM (Very Bad Memory)

On 12/27/2020 12:47 PM, Michael KE0CEN wrote:
Hello all!
First post here on the email reflector, I'm newish to PSK-31 and a new member of PODXS070!!
Before my question I'd like to thank all those that volunteer their time and effort to PODXS070, the contests and awards are fun and I look forward to introducing our Boy Scout ARC (WN0BSA) to them later this year!
I'm looking for a good resource to learn more about the proper usage of secondary callsigns. In particular how to log them for personal information, how to use them for QRZ, LoTW, eQSL , etc.
I was outside my home QTH last week using the callsign KE0CEN/7 as I was in Arizona (home is Iowa) and I was sure to use my actual LOC and QTH when communicating with people so awards and contest results would be accurate.
I have gotten a few QSL requests using just the callsign KE0CEN, and I'm not sure what to do about that.
Anyway, I'm mostly looking for something that is already written that I can read or a video I can watch. I did some digging myself on the internet, but I didn't really see anything detailed about logging, contests, and secondary call signs etc.
Thanks for any information on the subject and thanks to all the club members I contacted the last few weeks!
  Michael KE0CEN

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