Secondary Callsign detailed usage information

Michael KE0CEN

Hello all!
First post here on the email reflector, I'm newish to PSK-31 and a new member of PODXS070!!
Before my question I'd like to thank all those that volunteer their time and effort to PODXS070, the contests and awards are fun and I look forward to introducing our Boy Scout ARC (WN0BSA) to them later this year!
I'm looking for a good resource to learn more about the proper usage of secondary callsigns. In particular how to log them for personal information, how to use them for QRZ, LoTW, eQSL , etc.
I was outside my home QTH last week using the callsign KE0CEN/7 as I was in Arizona (home is Iowa) and I was sure to use my actual LOC and QTH when communicating with people so awards and contest results would be accurate.
I have gotten a few QSL requests using just the callsign KE0CEN, and I'm not sure what to do about that.
Anyway, I'm mostly looking for something that is already written that I can read or a video I can watch. I did some digging myself on the internet, but I didn't really see anything detailed about logging, contests, and secondary call signs etc.
Thanks for any information on the subject and thanks to all the club members I contacted the last few weeks!
  Michael KE0CEN

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