Signalink USB

Stephen Melachrinos

I made a comment in my "goals" for 2021 that I was looking to upgrade my computer-radio interface for portable operations. Intent is to simplify the setup by reducing the cabling, and retire a 20-year-old Rascal and its associated USB-serial converter. Radios to be addressed are both Yaesus (817 and 857)--not looking for a new radio. At the moment, I'm only interested in basic digital modes, e.g. I don't need a quadrature output on the stereo pins. I'm also interested in portability, so desktop-type solutions (e.g., large boxes) would not be preferred.

One of the options I was considering was the Signalink USB. Does anyone have any comments on this? I've seen some reviews that are critical, but I'm not sure their concerns are relevant. 

How about anything else? What have I missed?



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