Re: ATT: W3HF - Steve - Outlook for 2021?

Stephen Melachrinos

Milt -

I've been mulling this over for a while. 

1. So what are my personal goals for 2021?
- I'd like to spend more time on the radio. When propagation was poor, it was easy to "not bother with it because the bands are probably dead." This led to an attitude of only getting on for the 070 events. Especially now that propagation is getting better, I'd like to get on more often.
- Keep up with the LONP chase.
- Upgrade my portable station, specifically the interface. I just fired up a new laptop, and I think it's time to move away from my 20-year-old Rascal with 9-pin serial input. Not planning to change out the radio (FT-817 or -857) yet, but I want to find a simplified solution that doesn't involve a USB-serial converter and separate audio cables. Maybe Tigertronics USB? Something else? (I'm curious about recommendations, by the way.)
- Clean up my callbook collection. I have books scattered around a bit, and not properly stored and indexed, and that makes it hard to use them for research. (For those who aren't familiar with my callbooks, the easiest way to describe them is to point you to the mirror of my old GeoCities web site at . It's a bit outdated--I have a few more books now--but you get the idea.)

2. As for my perspective on the club goals, I need to state that I'm just one person, and there's a management team that tries to work by consensus. So my perspectives do not necessarily represent the club management's consensus, and should not be interpreted as any form of criticism.
- Unfortunately, the biggest goal has to be getting to a point where we have enough software working to manage the club. This is a really big project, and I'm not criticizing at all the efforts of the software dev team. It's a really hard project too, with a lot of features and capabilities for all facets of the club's operation (membership, endorsements, contests, etc.) And doing it solely with volunteers on a part-time basis is extremely challenging. (It would be challenging even for a larger organization with a paid staff.)
- Maintain a level of activity that keeps the membership engaged and growing. (I think we're doing that, but it's hard without the software working.)
- In the mean time, find ways to take on some of the club's operation using alternate processes. Today's Christmas Run with manual validation is an example of that.

3. Finally, I do have to object to the wording in your question. I'm pretty sure I'm not the OLDEST active member, but I will concede (proudly) that I may be the longest-tenured regularly-active member. For the record, yesterday was the 20th anniversary of my joining the club.


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W3HF, Steve, as our oldest active member, you've seen a lot come and go.
What are your goals?
What would you like to see in 2021, as far as the 070 Club's goals?

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