Re: Christmas Run 2020 - "Operating Event"

Jim K5SP

Was tough on this end all evening.  Managed to get 5-6 in the log.  Up early this morning, and nothing but noise on 80, 40.  Thought I would see some early risers but nothing at all.

Surprising that I got what I did.  Did manage to get Milt in the log, but it was rough.  KK6KMU was for some reason strong all evening, could have worked him over and over.  Must be using salt water for a ground.

Merry Christmas to all.


Jim K5SP

On 12/25/2020 5:49 AM, Stephen Melachrinos via wrote:
Phil -

That was surprisingly tough last night during our QSO. Glad we got it done.

Merry Christmas to all!


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I'll just be happy with talking for 10 secs with 25 individual members with the conditions being up and down, Merry Christmas 73 de ke4pwe

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