Christmas Run 2020 - "Operating Event"


I'm not arguing the subject, but it appears that the original rules have changed.  
As you're explaining it, if I work you on a band, you count as 1 of the 25 needed for a certificate.
But if I work you on a different band, it's counted already, and doesn't count towards the 25 needed?
This is not what the email from Stan, W9SMR says.
Let me quote:
- Make one QSO per station per band. That means the same station on another band is a second QSO, but a second QSO on the same band is a dupe.
I'm going to "work 1st, worry later".

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Just a general cq call was my original suggestion. 
Not a contest. 
Nothing special was required   

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When  I suggested this endorsement years ago it was as Steve replied work any station on the 160m up to 6m bands inclusive of all bands  in between since this not a contest. But they must be 25 different call signs.   
Members and nonmembers count. I don’t believe the original guidelines have changed. 
Good luck 🍀 

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Steve & Jim & Stan,
As this isn't a contest, are contacts on the WARC bands acceptable?
LONP #76

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