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Stephen Melachrinos

Jim (and others) -

There are lots of uses of CQ with a qualifier that don't imply a contest. "CQ DX" doesn't mean it's a DX contest. "CQ Hawaii" typically means you want to work a KH6, not that it's the Hawaii QSO Party. Lots of nets call "CQ <fill in net name> net".

I think the "proof" is in the QSOs. There's nothing actually wrong with a contest-type QSO ("599 and thanks"). But the "suggested" exchange of Christmas greetings should indicate it's not a contest, especially if the content of the QSO included an explanation something like "the members of the 070 club are each trying to work 25 other stations to offer Christmas greetings." 

In retrospect, and unfortunately thinking through this in public (on the reflector), I wish I had tweaked the dupe rule to state "25 different stations (same station on different bands is still a dupe)." That would have been a little more consistent with "sending Christmas greetings to 25 stations" instead of "make 25 QSOs." I still don't think it's a problem, but maybe it could have been a little better.


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Steve, would calling "CQ Christmas" in any imply to others that it could be construed as a contest on the WARC bands?

Jim K5SP 

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Milt -

Yes. The "rules" page explicitly says "any HF band (160m through 6m)".


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Steve & Jim & Stan,
As this isn't a contest, are contacts on the WARC bands acceptable?
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