Murphy Strikes Again !

Jerry N9AVY

Everything was working normal yesterday and then today all 3 antennas have SWR so high the autotuner on FT-1000MP shuts down .  Only weather change was a dusting of snow this morning and a temp. around 17 F.  Rotor turns sluggishly, but it does turn.  Went out and visually checked antennas, but didn't see anything. Hmmm ....   Hope it's just the cold weather. 

Only one coax runs out to an Ameritron 5 position switch at base of tower and coax switch selects proper antennas.  Only thing I can remember happening was a few years ago one of the relay armatures became disconnected when a spring broke.  Usually get out there once a year to burnish relay contacts.

I'm perplexed ...

Merry Christmas to All !

Jerry  n9avy

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