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Stephen Melachrinos

Jerry -

I hope Mike stays on the air for a while. I need him too!


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This morning I finally work my old friend Mike , KA9DFI, on PSK31 (and RTTY) on 40m.  He hasn't been on for years due to computer and/or rig problems. He vey difficult to work because there is about 25 miles between us as well as the Marengo Ridge which is somewhat difficult for RF to get over at times. Plus he's  on a vertical and I'm horizontal.

Anyhow, had a great time working #0437 !  Thanks Mike !

BTW, Mike & I have been friends for over 30 years.  He got his Extra when I was still messing around as a Tech. Smart fellow who holds 2 Doctorates and is working on a 3rd... 

Jerry  n9avy

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