W4F Special Event - 120th Anniversary Of The First Wireless Voice Transmission

Don - KM4UDX

Hello all!  Yours truly will be operating as W4F celebrating the first voice transmission in 1900 this weekend.

If you want to lock in a PSK qso with W4F, feel free to text me at 571-225-6180 or email @ dontay155@....  Otherwise, I'll be on/off the normal psk watering holes over the weekend.

Summary info below. Full details at qrz.com

This ground breaking transmission was made in December,1900 by Reginald Aubrey Fessenden on Cobb Island, MD, between two masts 50 feet high and over a mile apart.  The first successful transmission of intelligible speech by electromagnetic waves was a critical milestone in the development of radio.  Further developments using a carbon microphone resulted in Fessenden becoming known as the “Father of Amplitude Modulation”.  More on Fessenden can be found at: Reginald Fessenden - Wikipedia
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