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Jim K5SP

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the LONP, and the tracking of your contacts.  Hopefully I can shed some light on what/how things are happening.

When you submit your log to the endorsement checker, and it completes its run, your call sign turns blue in the list, indicating that it is a link.  Clicking on the link will open up your personal endorsements page.  Showing endorsements earned, in progress, and not started.  Also you will see a " menu bar " that has links to other awards available to members.  To check your LONP standings, click the link circled in the image below.

Links bar

This will take you to your LONP standings page.  Which shows all the levels that have been completed. (Some of you may have green bars on the Award, will explain this later.  The below image shows my (K5SP) levels completed along with some numbers that are links. If you click on the numbers (i.e. 741), you will see the calls that were approved for that particular level. (I have completed 700 level).

LONP Complete

The next column over is the members you have worked towards the next endorsement level.  Naturally it is called the In Progress report. If you click on the blue number it will give you a report of your last log upload, showing date, time, call, band, mode, and their 070#. Here is what mine looked like today:


What this tells me is that the endorsement check is working fine on LONP up to this point.  It is the process after this that has broken down. All the LONP data is kept in a google sheets document.  In the past, that was updated by the software to build a row that looks like this one:


This row actually shows my efforts for the 350 award.  Notice that this one is row 562, and the columns show my number, my call, the date the cell was updated, the date I got LONP, my LONP number, the award level, and number credited.  The last column contains all 352 member numbers that I have worked.  Every time you submit your log a new row should be added with all the updated information, that has stopped happening.  (I think included the manual ones we have almost 700 rows on this tab of the sheet. ). 

As part of the script being run on hamclubs.info (which we do not own), performed these actions.  It gathered all your data, and created a new row, placing that data in the appropriate spot.  It also automatically updated the web site standings for LONP.  (using iframes and .tt files).  This is now broken.

Now we could replicate this, if, someone could tell me how to extract the data from the In progress column and write it to the sheet.  Imagine having to manually enter all those numbers by hand for every member for every level.  We do not have access to the scripts that performed all these actions to try and debug them, we do not have access to the data on hamclubs.info.  So our hands are tied with limited ability to use what is available through the checker and manually try to reconstruct the LONP standings.

I have some ideas in mind that members might be able to do to help.  That will follow, as this is rather lengthy and the longer it gets, the less people read.

I, and the other board members are open to suggestions, and all assistance would be appreciated.


Jim K5SP
Executive Director

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

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