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Steve is absolutely correct.
The checker shows me with 846.
My records put me at 848. I'm aware of the 2 missing contacts and I know who they are.
It doesn't really matter until my records indicate 850. 
Then a quick eye-ball scan by management will be necessary for the 50 new earned contacts.
It's not quite time for Steve to start looking over his shoulder just yet... :-)
LONP #76


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John -

That's an artifact of the broken software. Something isn't getting connected between the "add the new member" logic and the "rebuild the membership list" logic. As a result, we are defaulting to more manual processes that aren't reflected in the endorsement checker.


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 Welcome Terry
I had a contact with Terry last night and uploaded but he doesn't show up in my LONP list.  I have had contacts with several new members in the past few months and they don't show up either.  Looking at the Alpha list, the last entry was with #2786 on 7/8/20.  Is it possible that they have to be on the list before you can get credit for the contact and if so, how do we update it?


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