Doubleheader contest

Stephen Melachrinos

I hope everyone is enjoying the contest. I've seen a lot of stations on the air, and that's great. But I've also seen some signals on the air this morning that cause me to question whether everyone understands the rules. So here are some thoughts about parts of the rules that may not be obvious.

1. This is a low-band sprint, limited to 40, 80, and 160 meter bands. So QSOs on any other bands won't count. (They may be really great rag-chews, or good DX, or even LONP points, though!)

2. The contest timing is based on UTC days, and you are allowed a single six-hour block of time on each of those days. So if you operated last night from 0000z to 0600z (as I did), which was the start of UTC 12 December, then any contacts until 0000z of 13 December would constitute a different six-hour block and you'd have to choose one or the other to count in your score. This will repeat into the 14 of December. I've made two 40m contacts this morning that won't count for me, but they will count for the "other guy" if he chooses that block.

3. That said, recognize that people will be operating at different times during the days, and it's possible that those "other guys" might be on the air again tonight, during my chosen block of time for 13 December. And I hope they'll realize that although another QSO with me will be a dupe for them, it won't be for me. So I'd appreciate that QSO for my purposes.


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