Re: Congrats - November MONTHLY Endorsements

stan W9SMR


You are so right!

Thanks for waking me up. I derived my list by opening and checking each Endorsement upload. I failed to double check the official LONP listing on you and several others.

Back in July I made the following announcement. This is the latest list of official LONP membership, also:

The list below includes those members who have been approved since January 1, 2020:
LONP  070#  CALL    QSOs
428      #2592  KG5OIB       100
429      #2707  AC8NM       100
430      #2590  KE4PWE       150
431      #2662  KI7OIY       100
432      #1227  KB9UMT       100
433      #2653  W4BZM      100
434      #2267  WJ4HCP      100

I apologize for my sloppiness.

Congrats to all for great dedication to pursue these cherished awards!!

From: <> on behalf of Mike W4BZM <behrcave@...>
Sent: Sunday, December 6, 2020 10:58 AM
Subject: Re: [070Club] Congrats - November MONTHLY Endorsements

Stan, Jerry:

Thank you for all the work you do for the club on endorsements!

I’m a bit confused, though, at the recent posting which reads:

‘Here is a most recent list of those who have submitted logbooks containing 100 or more QSOs since January 1, 2020.

Note that these are not yet officially approved:

#2618            KD6TR            180
#2722             N3XL              130
#2727             K4VBM          128
#2380             N4KP              122
#2662             KI7OIY           115
#2653             W4BZM         113
#985               WB4JJJ          114
#577               K6WRJ           118
#2017             W7RTL           112
#1441             RX3VF            105
#2692             YV4YY            100
#2741             WA4RXK       100”

Yes, I submitted a logbook since Jan 1 which contains 100 or more entries, BUT, I also received notification that I was officially part of the LONP and was awarded LONP #433.  I’m on the LONP list on the web site and I received the “Official Evidence Decal” in the last mailing of stickers.  So I hope that makes me “officially approved”, and that Jerry doesn’t have to waste any time checking my log for LONP credit.

...and again, thank you both for the huge amount of effort you volunteer in support of PODXS 070.

Mike W4BZM

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