Congrats - November MONTHLY Endorsements

stan W9SMR

As  propagation conditions improved recently, we are showing some good gains in member Endorsements. Having several contests has helped also.

LONP - To qualify for LONP, 100 QSOs with fellow members are required. As you are aware, we are struggling with issues on the Endorsement web page that limits our timely approval of Endorsements. Be sure to upload your entire log each time.

Jerry, N9AVY, has been fighting an uphill battle with our balky Endorsement Checker trying to validate and approve candidates for LONP. Here is a most recent list of those who have submitted logbooks containing 100 or more QSOs since January 1, 2020.

Note that these are not yet officially approved:

#2618            KD6TR            180
#2722             N3XL              130    
#2727             K4VBM          128
#2380             N4KP              122
#2662             KI7OIY           115
#2653             W4BZM         113

#985               WB4JJJ          114    
#577               K6WRJ           118
#2017             W7RTL           112
#1441             RX3VF            105

#2692             YV4YY            100
#2741             WA4RXK       100

We also have an excited pack of LONP Seekers in hot pursuit of this traditional first rights award. If you see them, give them a call and spot them on PSKReporter and our reflector:

#2746             KD9DVB        98
#2670             KT5WB           98
#2658             VE3RXO         95
#1797             NA8W            90
#1769             R6KEE            83

#2703             KD2QAK        74
#471               LW2EIY          61

#2691             K5RWG          60
#1341             EA3ATJ          59
#2781             WA3LXD       59
#2754             WX2DX         55


And in close pursuit of the next major Honor Roll level at 500 QSOs are:

#138               W7PSK           496
#2566             KC3FL             486

#1609             KC4OBB         455    

And then there are the Super Achievers with more than 1,000 member QSOs:

1          #0025             W3HF             1650               Has 206 Endorsement Awards
2          #0777             NO8R             1537               Has 183 Endorsement Awards
3          #0815             K8TOM          1258               Has 133 Endorsement Awards
4          #0454             N9AVY           1017               Has 153 Endorsement Awards

24/7 - The big news in October was a unique strategy formed by Alan, KA5VZG, to enable several among us to either achieve of make great progress in the 24/7 Award. This requires making a QSO for every hour slot on every day of the week, 168 slots total. With the enthusiastic support of Bob, KK6KMU, Bob, K4VBM and several others, 4 members qualified with all 168 slots: Alan, KA5VZG, Bob, K4VBN, Don, KC4OBB and David, KR4U. Getting within easy reach were Stan, W9SMR with 166, and Bob, KK6KMU with 160 slots. Those were bleary eyed but very rewarding middle of the night hours.

WTW – Work The World - One of our toughest Endorsements. It requires 2246 specific call sign suffix letters to spell out Country names around the world:

#2241             N5SLY            2246   (Got that last letter, “i” during TDW)

#0354             W7PAQ          2213  (Needs 13 “i” and  20 “n” to complete)

Congratulations to all!

Many more Endorsements were earned, far too many to list. I apologize for any errors and if I missed your efforts. But we applaud the continuing efforts of all to reach for the sky!!  Keep up the good work!

Upcoming 070 Contest:

This is a perfect time to plan your participation in the next PODXS 070 Event, the Doubleheader Triple Play Low Band Sprint. This is another great opportunity to work toward LONP and put some 160M Q’s in the log for the Top Band 20 Endorsement.

DOUBLEHEADER – Triple Play Low Band Sprint
This is a Three Day Contest, 72 hours

Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings in US

Second Saturday in December

Saturday, December 12 - 0000 UTC

to the Following Monday in December

Monday, December 14 - 2359 UTC


 See Rules at:   Doubleheader Rules



W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

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