Re: Antennas for 160m

Richard Rohrer

Hi Jerry,

Yes, I was very lucky.  Did not even have bruise on my foot.  I was expecting a visit to the ER after the xyl told me how stupid I was, hi hi. 

I never would have gone to the top of a 700 ft plus building and looked over the edge. Don't like heights.  My last employer had me go to the Ivanpah Solar Plant to test and certify the equipment we provided.  I thought no problem, its usually in the control room, but in this case it was at the 400 ft level on the boiler towers.  It looked like there was a single wide trailer placed in the tower that contained the motor controls and our instrumentation.   We could elevator up to 300ft and had to walk up the last 100 ft on a stairway that was made of diamond tread.  You could see all the way down to the ground.  Did not like that at all.  This is why I don't have anything antenna wise that I can't work on from the ground. 

Do you still need grid EL59 in LA?   We are planning a trip to TX coast next Feb so we will be going near there. 

Dick - KC3EF

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