Re: Antennas for 160m



Remember the day in 1993 that I slipped in the rain and fell off the semitrailer when I was driving truck for the feed company? Compound shell fracture including the right eye socket, badly dislocated right elbow, two years out of work recovering and retraining for another job skill. Y’all came and visited me in he hospital.

Couldn't remain in truck driving due to eye and arm damage. Good thing is that I was able to retrain as an electronics technician for the remainder of my working life. Romans 8:28 in The Good Book...

Anyway, to this day I’m deathly afraid of going up on a ladder more than a few feet. Didn’t put up Christmas lights around the house here in Monett because of it. The gutters around the front of the house are 17 feet AGL in places.
All the best,
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