Milt some history.

Scotty W7PSK

PS it was VQ1 where I became a ham,  I had an interest in it while in High School but didn't have an Elmer.  My SEVAL and Assistant Seval were both Hams and coached me to license.  I was near ready and they requested the conditional paperwork ( I was stationed in Guam) when I suddenly got transferred to Moffett Field and finished it there. Got WD6DJB when I passed my Novice in 1977.  That was April. In June I was up at the FCC Office in San Francisco doing my 13wpm and General.  2 months later I had my Advanced.  Kept that until 2005 when I finally got my extra.

I got into Digital modes because I mostly operated at the Moffett Field Ham Radio Club because i was single.  They had a TU6 and a model 15.  Got into RTTY. When I was transfered to NAS Brunswick I got a Kantronics Interface for my Commodore VIC 20 and did RTTY that way. Then I got a Kantronics KAM and didt RTTY/AMTOR and Pactor. I also was on the Beta Test Team for Kantronics GTOR (sad it didnt take of it was an awesome mode) in December of 1999 I was reading a QST article on building an interface that would work on my Commodore 64 with this fancy mode called PSK31.   And the rest they say is history.

sorry if I rambled.

Scotty W7PSK
Everett, Washington
070 #138

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