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Stephen Melachrinos

Agreed. But remember that most of my antennas are indoor (due to HOA rules), so I don't bother. (I figure if lightning hits the house, I have bigger problems than a zapped radio.)

This was the one exception, a very low 80m sloping inverted vee that I stretch out from the peak of my roof for contests, usually under cover of darkness. (Usually it stays coiled up against the siding.) I had gotten sloppy and didn't coil it back up that morning, probably because of the bad weather. 

Good news was that Yaesu fixed it relatively inexpensively, just over $100.


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Everyone should have antennas grounded when not in use. My remote antenna switch out on tower does that when I turn everything off.

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Bummer. Back about 15 years ago I fried the finals on my FT-817. Fortunately I had another rig, but hadn't gotten around to setting up the interface for PSK. The dead finals gave me the incentive.

My problem was "snow static." (That really is a "thing." Someone even wrote a paper about harvesting that power last year.) Unbeknownst to me, one of my dipole antennas had fallen onto the ground, and snow was falling. Even though I wasn't using that antenna, it was still connected to my antenna switch. I figure that one arm of the dipole picked up enough charge from the snow to exceed the breakdown voltage of the 817's finals (which are known to be susceptible to that kind of failure). 

I hope you get your rig back on the air soon.


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This is so frustrating. My uBITX is on the bench 'cause i blew up the two IRF510 MOSFETS and a few other parts.  The finals were crybabies and went all Chernobyl on me due to so called "operator error" and my failure to understand understand the interplay of heat and time.  Hahahah.  So the uBITX is on the bench waiting for kids to go home.

And now is a great time to play radio and I'm dead in the water. Ahhhhh.
Don, km4udx

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