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Jerry N9AVY

Yep, hams always seem to have money for new radios, but are insultingly cheap when it comes to used ones. Hamfests are the worst, I've always said that it you put a $100 dollar bill on the table some ham will offer $5 for it !

Jerry n9avy

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$1099.00, + tax, after all rebates at HRO, then there's a $100 Icom mail-in rebate  + free shipping is $999.00.

What?, You want us to buy it for you? Hi Hi

"Hams always come up with the money they need for their radio's!" -- Sandy Garb, my YL.
"If you're going to be poor, you might as well be poor and have a new radio!, Right?" -- Milt. N6MG

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Wow !  Looking on Ebay ,  saw prices from around $700 (used to around $1700 (new).  What a crazy price spread ! 

Jerry  n9avy

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