Re: Rigs

Stephen KO4CVU

You asked, so here is what I am using:
uBITX v6 by HF Signals with a Nexus DR-X cross-patch by Budd Churchward, WB7FHC.
I really enjoyed putting together both of these kits and learned a whole lot in the process. The Nexus DR-X is actually the top HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) that stacks on the FE-PI audio board HAT. The FE-PI is stacked on top of a Raspberry PI 3. So you wind up with a little triple-decker. I didn't know anything about the Pi in the beginning. Fortunately Budd's associate, Steve Magnuson, AG7GN, has put together all of the needed software and operating system into an "image" that can be downloaded to a micro SD card. That little micro SD card functions as the "hard drive" for the operating system as well as for data storage on the Pi. About once a week, I use a menu item on Steve's home page of the Raspberry Pi to check for updates. If updates for the operating system or one of the Fldigi components are available, the menu item will perform all of the updates.
My little station isn't in the same league with the big guys, but it is still a lot of fun for a new ham (and new 070 member), like me. By the way, "thank you" to those of you who answered my calls last Sunday. I had a great time and hope you all did, too!

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