Re: Rig

Jerry N9AVY

Hi All !

Thanks for all the replies. Am trying to digest it all. Lots of good info.

Let me say that I plan on keeping the FT-1000MP as long as I can. If repair is still available, it will be done. One of the techs who worked on it said it had one of the hottest receivers he ever saw.

The plan is to buy a newer radio as a back up to the FT-1000MP and for the eventuality that main rig would go South during a contest. BTW, I do own an amp (Ameritron ALS-500) which I used for chasing DX, but with only 3 entities left (Scarborough Reef, North Korea, and Bouvet Is.) . There doesn't seem to be any of these on the calendar so I may never work them, but if the opportunity arises I'll be ready.

Had a 756PRO3 I had found at an estate sale for $600, but I missed the bid (rats!). Am leaning towards a used rig as am on a fixed income now (retired a year ago); so price is a concern.

Anyhow, thanks for all the input !

73, Jerry N9AVY

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