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I use a ICOM 7200 strictly for digital. 
I bought a 7300 years ago when they dropped to under $1000. 
The 7300 has been great for phone work.  Even the internal speaker sounds great for these old ears that don’t hear so good. 
Get good reports on the stock mic. 
Never have owned a amp so always run barefoot. 
Never used the 7300 for digital work. 
The touchscreen is fun to play with. 
But as Milt sez the best radio is only as good as the antenna. 


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Jerry, In my shack, I have, like you, a Yaesu FT-1000mp, loaded with every 1st & 2nd I.F. filter it will hold. Never had any problems with it. GREAT cw rig, and bpsk31 radio. 
Also in my shack is an IC-7800, the best radio I've had in my 48 years of hamming. A 200 watt radio, so my amp pays attention to it, and 2 totally separate receivers and roofing filters, that does make a difference on the low bands.
In my workshop, I have an Icom IC-756 Pro 3. A good radio too. It just sits there, tuned to what's left of the BBC SW stations.
One suggestion? Don't buy a radio that's far beyond the capabilities of your antenna's. You can have the greatest, most sensitive receiver(s) on the market, but all they hear is the mini-micro-nano volts of signal your antenna's capture.
One thing I have noticed, in qso's on bpsk31, in their brag macro's, a lot of guys are using the newer Icom  IC-7300. I don't know anything about it. 
You'll have no problems. There's a lot of nice radio's out there.
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Been considering a new (or new to me) rig since the FT-1000MP bit the dust after a bunch of years; although it was repaired and seems to be working okay there is a little doubt in the back of my mind that it could go belly up at any time.  That being said, am wondering what others are using these days. 

Sold off one of my spare rigs (Alinco DX-SR8T) which had never been out of box nor on the air. A friend and I each bought one a few years ago, but he had all sorts of problems getting it to do PSK  and wasn't successful.  Also, have another rig on the block (TS-850SAT), but I sold off the IF-232C interface which allows it to operate digital modes, etc. . Trying to thin out my accumulation of radios acquired over the years.

So, wondering what rigs everyone is using.  Would like to take a poll, but I don't think it's possible here.


Jerry  N9AVY

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