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B. Smith, N3XL


The above chat room could use a little life during the contests!



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Bob -


In our "General Contest Rules" page (, we state:


16. Unlike most “big” contests, self-spotting is allowed on 070 reflectors. There is no separate category for “assisted” stations who pay attention to spotting networks or read their email during the contest.

A chat room (on the platform) is fundamentally the same concept as the email reflector. The point of that rule was that other contests prohibit all non-radio sources of information during a contest, whether it's phone calls, DX spots, or whatever. We deliberately allow members to post to the reflector when they are doing band changes and the like--we even set up a special reflector just for that. So if someone would rather use a chat room, it's effectively the same.


So go ahead and set up a chat room if you'd prefer that forum.




(for the 070 management team)


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Subject: [070Club] Triple Play Low Band Sprint Chat Room

Are we allowed to set up a chat room for the Triple Play Sprint.  I didn't see anything in the rules.  I also didn't want to do something to go against the spirt of the contest.  I thought it could be used to coordinate what band operators were using.

Any thoughts.  It may be just be more of a distraction in any case.
Bob  KK6KMU  #2484


Bill Smith, N3XL

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