I have secured the 24/7 feather for my cap

GA - Bob - K4VBM

This was not an easy endorsement to achieve.  Can't say spending those graveyard hours with some other
like-minded 070 club members was my favorite thing to do, but we did have fun!

I still had 5 open slots on for Friday (10-30-2020), and I lost power at 5:15am eastern Thursday due to Zeta coming thru,
so for those last 5 slots, I was running on emergency generator power.  Add to that a neighbor's massive pine
tree tipped over pulling the root ball out of the ground, and snapping off a smaller pine halfway up while coming down, and all landing in my street totally blocking it.  Myself and neighbors spent most of the day Thursday cutting it up.

I  and am very thankful and  in debt to those 070 club members that helped me complete those last slots (Randy W4RTT and Alan KA5VZG) yesterday on Friday.  Also thanks to Bob KK6KMU for all that late night/early morning  bleary eye fun!

Not sure the attached pics are going to make it through, but will try anyway:

Above, view from the middle of my front yard of the remnants of the 2 pines.

You can see the massive pine root ball standing back up with its trunk stub top left above.

Above, view from my mailbox of some of the trunk pieces.

Above is a closer view of the smaller pine (just to the right of the remaining pine and the massive pine remnants.

Way too much excitement here in GA hi hi.
I really enjoyed collecting and passing our those hour slots.  Looking forward to more PODXS 070 club member contacts
as I slowly attack the other endorsements.  You guys and gals are the best!

By the way, the power came back on earlier than precicted last night around 10;15 pm eastern time.

73, and stay safe,

Bob Hensey
K4VBM (Very Bad Memory)

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