closing in on finishing the 24/7 endorsement - encourgement and thanks

GA - Bob - K4VBM

With a large amount of help from Bob KK6KMU and Alan KA5VZG, along with many other members over the last
few days (especially Harry  K9HW, that helped me with Wed. 2300Z with literally 4 min left), I am now within 6 slots of completing the 24/7 endorsement.  Many heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been there to help give out and/or collect the slots.

It has really been fun to do this, and meet so many of our wonderful members.  I know that we all have been getting and
passing out lots of hour slots over the last 3 weeks.  I, myself, have had some really nice ragchews with members,
and non-members wondering what is going on or just answering my calls (hopefully we will get some new members from this).

Even though we are sleep-deprived, we are hanging in there, and making great progress.

For those of you who still need it, I will be on 40m and 80m Friday for the 0600z and 0700z slots - yes, those graveyard times
which I missed during one of the weeks when my alarm clock failed me. From 0630z to 0730z for sure. If you need them, I hope to see you on those bands during that hour.  Don't be late like I was!  :)

Make sure you join the 070 club 24/78 chat on Google (yes, you need a login) to

It lets us know your there, and helps us move around bands to find you and get you your slot(s).

See you on the bands, everyone!

73 and stay safe,

Bob Hensey
K4VBM (Very Bad Memory)

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