Re: 24/7 Endorsement 12:00Z thru 15:00Z


I showed up a little late this morning.
All 40 M:
1st Q was at 12:14 Z with Bob, K4VBM.
Then at 12:22 Z with Glenn, ND9Y.
Then at 13:17 Z with JJ, WR5E.
The highlight of the morning was ND9Y and WR5E were both new LONP contacts!
Going to 20m.

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Took a short break but trying to fill in a few more hours for my 24/7 Endorsement.  Going to be on starting at 12:30Z on 40 meters for the 12 and 13 hour blocks.  Switching over to 20 meters for the 14 and 15 hour blocks.  Bob K4VBM helped me today.  Going to try and go all week 20 Oct thru 1 Nov.  Please be on the lookout
Bob  KK6KMU  #2484

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