Re: Anyone for 365 endorsement ?


Alan, et al...
I'll start looking at 0000Z on 40m. 
But, that's 4:00 pm here, and 40m usually hasn't started to stretch out.
But, there's no doubt that with our superior operating ability, we'll make something happen. :-)
That 0600 to 0800 utc is a tough nut from here. Coffee and beignet time for you guys, is REM sleep time here. 
This is a great group.
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Subject: [070Club] Anyone for 365 endorsement ?

I make it a point to check 7.070 MHZ at 0000Z every chance I get.   It's the start of the "Zulu Day" , so if no contact is made, I have the rest of the day to find one.
It's an easy way to chip away on that 365 endorsement.
If no one is there, I usually look at 80m and 20m.

Join in if you want.  It only takes one QSO to check off the day.

73, Alan, KA5VZG
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