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On Oct 25, 2020, at 8:51 AM, Alan - KA5VZG <ka5vzg@...> wrote:

Only happened because Stan, W9SMR/9, persisted that I re-advertise and try again after a terrible start on Oct. 1.
Special thanks also to CA/Bob, KK6KMU for guarding and coordinating the west, "[perfect attendance", and especially for setting up the 24/7 endorsement Chat on this page. That Chat made life super easy.
Also a main driver in the east, GA/Bob, K4VBM, early, persistent, all over the bands, and lots of "Chat".  Of course, thanks to all who participated, who made those dark hours quite a bit brighter.
I was lucky, but quite a few are very close.  If you're pretty close, use this page, set up another "adventure". 
73, Alan, KA5VZG
070# 1509  LONP# 213

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