Re: Congrats to Alan - KA5VZG

stan W9SMR

I can only echo Rick's praise for the thought and execution of the clever plan to beat down those lonely, missing mid-night slots. Alan was always there and Bob, KK6KMU and Bob, K4VBM were just as excited to make this work. We often saw and worked Milt, N6MG, Randy, W4RTT and Don, KC4OBB as well as a few others.

It almost worked for me. I needed 25 mid-night slots and grabbed 23 of them. I am missing only two due to careless planning on my part. Those will be easy to polish off now that I am almost there.

Thank you Alan, Bob and Bob.

Hoot, Hoot as W4RTT would say!


From: <> on behalf of Rick - N7WE <>
Sent: Sunday, October 25, 2020 8:11 AM
Subject: [070Club] Congrats to Alan - KA5VZG

I've been following the adventures (and chats) of the group that have been pursuing the 24/7 Endorsement at all hours of the night. This morning I see by the Progress Checker that Alan - KA4VZG is the first of the bunch to complete that crazy endorsement! Congrats Alan! Well done. It is a major accomplishment and takes dedication and coffee...lots of coffee! There are several more who are pushing to complete it. Who will be next?
Rick - N7WE
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