Re: 24/7 Endorsement - - Week Three - hour slots 0800z and 0900Z Begins tonight


Interesting being on the far left coast with Bob & Eric and Tom.
Early & coffee for you easterners is late & Melatonin for us. :-)
See everybody later tonight, and during the week. 
I've done a lot of work in the shack, rotated radio's, a new 28" flat panel for MixW, and a new 24" flat panel for my ACLog & main frame. Gotta weed out all of the weak components...

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Subject: [070Club] 24/7 Endorsement - - Week Three - hour slots 0800z and 0900Z Begins tonight

Week one covering hours 0400-0500z and week two covering hours 0600-0700z
went very well. Anyone needing the  0800 or 0900z hour slot filled is invited to join
us starting tonight (I am in the central time zone, so that will be a start at 03xxAM,
which will be Monday morning, just in time to put the coffee on.

Look for especially regular participants KK6KMU, K4VBM, W9SMR/9.
There have been lots of others participating you may see :

We will show up by 0845z, but early birds may be on around 0830z.
We will cover 7.070 and 3.580 MHZ and will stay on as long as it takes
to make sure everyone has made their contacts.

Get on the "Chats" and select 24/7 Endorsement.  We usually post our acctivity
and where everyone is operating. The Chat has been a big help coordinating.

Get your coffee ready, set your alarms and cone on down. 

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