Re: Finding your 24/7 Endorsement standing.

Rick - N7WE

Actually, there are a couple of different ways to check your 24/7 progress.  The first method works for anyone regardless of how many hourly slots they have filled.  The second method only works for those that have achieved the first Award Level - 72 time slots filled.

First Method
1.  Open the 070 Award Checker, find your callsign and click on it.
2.  In the window that opens, look in the Yellow section "IN PROGESS," and find the line for "24x7".  
3.  The number in the "Have" column is the total number of hourly slots you have filled towards the total 168.
4.  The number in the "Target" column is the next Award Level you are working towards.
5. Clicking on the "Have" number shows you the time slots you have filled towards your next award level, and the detail of the QSO that filled it. (Note: it is not cumulative and only displays the QSOs since achieving your last award.  If you have achieved "Level 072" you cannot use it to determine all the slots you have filled or have yet to fill.  For that you need the Second Method.)

Second Method - (note: This only works for those who have achieved the "Level 072" or higher.  It is the method Bob KK6KMU cited in his post.)
1.  Open the 070 Award Checker, find your callsign and click on it.
2.  In the window that opens, look for the box    
3.  Click on "070-24x7
4.  In the table that appears, find your call sign and click on it.  (Note: the date hyperlinks associated with award level completions do not work.  This is part of our old software problems.  Please be patient.  They are working very hard on creating a new endorsement checker!)
5.  The page that opens is your personal progress PDF.
6.  The two grids cover all 168 time slots.  Days of the week are displayed on the vertical axis.  The horizontal axis is UTC hour block, with the left hand grid covering 00 UTC through 11 UTC while the right hand grid covers 12 UTC through 23 UTC.  Completed Hour Block/Days are green while those still to be completed are white.  This is a very handy visual way to determine which hour block on which days you still need.

24x7 is a tough, but really fun, challenge!  Great to see the collaboration of those working on it.  You guys go!

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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