Tonight, later...WEEK TWO starts Monday 10/12 for hour slots 0600Z and 0700Z


6KMU, 9SMR, 5VZG, 4VBM and all interested... It's my intent to be on 40m and/or 75m tonight as long as necessary.
I'll be clicking on traces to see if I can add some Q's to my LONP total.
I'll also have the "Chat" utility running. If y'all see openings on other bands, just tell me know.
Hey, if you need W6QP, 070-1454, for your LONP, let me know and I can work you with that call also.
I'm looking forward to seeing everybody there.
LONP #76

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Subject: Re: [070Club] 24/7 Endorsement - WEEK TWO starts Monday 10/12 for hour slots 0600Z and 0700Z

Come on down !! :-)

There have been three of us KK6KMU/Bob in CA, K4VBM/Bob in GA, and me KA5VZG/Alan in TN who have made it every slot so far.
I have been starting on 3.580 between xx30-xx45.  CA-Bob, KK5KMU has been covering 7.070 initially, and GA-Bob, K4VBM has been initially floating
so both 40m and 80m should be covered, check the Chat because we all usually post our intentions.
Usually one of us will spot the trace on the waterfall, if we can't decode, maybe the others can.  If your getting no response post a note on the Chat and
we will make an effort to get you. We can try other bands. I know K4VBM worked a few on 160m last week.  CA-Bob can pick up a lot that the rest of us can't decode
because he is so far west. 
Check in and make sure we find you.  It only takes two to make a QSO and we will make sure the right two meet.

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