Was a busy weekend

GA - Bob - K4VBM

With all the QSO parties, and the 070 160m contest, it has been a very busy radio weekend for me.
I am also participating in the late night 24/7 "fill-in-the-holes" with KK6KMU, Bob, KA5VZG, and Alan, which has been a lot of fun with some other showing up also making it a fun time except for being tired the next morning hi hi, and tonite we do later slots
(don't worry guys, I am going to force myself to wake back up and get on the radio).

I was in the shack just a little while ago collecting log files so I could start the process of uploading to the myriad of places
they all need to go, and decided to call CQ PSK31 on a totally dead 40m band, and someone came back but I couldn't decode,
so I sent my macro about "No copy PSE increase power if possible", and the next transmission was quite readable
and the other OP said he was already at max power and thanked me for trying.

Well, it turned into a nice rag chew QSO with Jay, WD0EGC, who is a retired researcher still working on some things related to soybean diseases (he told me to Google his name and I could read all about it).  By the way, he was in Fargo, ND, and one
of the newer club members.  We are close to the same age among other things.

This is exactly what I love about ham radio.  I needed ND for PSK31, and it just happens.  Thanks, Jay - looking forward
to some more and longer ragchews.

Don't hesitate to call CQ on a dead band - YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT MAY HAPPEN after the 2nd CQ call . . .

73 all and stay safe,

Bob Hensey
K4VBM (Very Bad Memory)

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