24/7 Endorsement - WEEK TWO starts Monday 10/12 for hour slots 0600Z and 0700Z

Alan - KA5VZG

Week one had plenty of activity on 7.070 and 3.580 MHZ.  20m was checked, but no activity was observed, so we mainly stuck to 40m and 80m.
Using the Chat (24/7 Endorsement) that Bob/KK6KMU set up made things go quickly and easily. (check an earlier post abt 24/7 for instructions)

Week two, from Monday 10/12 - Sunday 10/18, starts tonight.  This week will cover the 0600Z and 0700Z hour slots.
Look at the Chat to see who is active.  To work both hours with limited sleep loss, we will concentrate on 0645Z - 0715Z.  From 0645-0659 QSO's will fill in the 0600Z slot. From 0700-0715Z the 0700 slot will be taken care of.  (a few earlybirds may be on by 0630)

On Monday 10/12, I will also check 80m and 40m to see if anyone needs 0400Z or 0500Z time slots and may have missed the opportunity on the first run.

WEEK TWO 24/7 endorsement hour slots 0600Z and 0700Z are our targets, pse join in :-)

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