24/7 Endorsement assisted by Chat

Alan - KA5VZG

First, thanks to Bob, KK6KMU and Stan, W9SMR for implementing the Chat with this 24/7 endeavor.

Those who aren't sure how  to use Chat:
1. https://groups.io/groups
2. select: 070club/main   that gets you to the main groups.io page for 070/main
3. on the left, select: Chats  that gets you a drop down list of Chats that are available on the 070/main page
4. select: 24/7 Endorsement  that opens the Chat for 24/7 Endorsement
5. at the bottom, select:  join  that lets you type in the box/line at the bottom and Send it to the Chat group

then you can chat with the endorsement folks online and see who is where and what freq may be best

This has been very helpful. I have yet to see Stan,W9SMR, and I usually can work him easily.  Stan has also seen and worked Canadian stations that none of the rest of us have seen.
I could not see Bob, K4VBM on 40m but have worked him on 80m, and directed him to 40m via Chat to see if he could work others.
I can see/work Bob, KK6KMU only on 40m, but he can also work Stan.
Bottom line, the Chat is really nice. Otherwise you might think you were alone out there.

The plan is still to work the 04 and 05 hour slots through Oct 11. (0445-0515Z)  If any missed the start and would need a repeat on the Monday 04/05 slots, I can do it again on Oct 12. 
Oct 12 through Oct 18 will cover hours 06 and 07. (0645-0715Z)  If we're still alive, the Oct 19 through Oct 25 will cover the 08 and 09 slots.(0845-0915Z)

Join the fray, it goes pretty quick.

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