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Bill Williams

I believe it is the original frequency list from before PSK software had waterfalls with see and click.  That is why the frequency is listed down to the hertz level.  You had to set your radio on the exact frequency blind to make a contact.


On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 9:49 PM Steve R via <> wrote:
I agree with you....I am trying to trace down this source of misinformation.....where and why is this posted on 
HAs anyone heard or seen this chart and source?


On Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 09:40:07 p.m. EDT, N9JCA Chris Matthews <chris.n9jca@...> wrote:

160M = 1.807

80M = 3.580

40M = 7.070 ( US ) 7.035 ( EU )

30M = 10.140

20M = 14.070

17M = 18.097

15M = 21.070

12M = 24.920

10M = 28.120

6M = 50.290

Chris N9JCA


On 9/16/20 8:10 PM, Steve R via wrote:
One of the clubs members sent me the following from saying that these are new PSK31 Frequencies. I have not heard of such changes and of course still making contacts at .070 where applicable. He is claiming these are active now. Ahh, I am making contacts on standard freqs.  Anyone heard of this change or seen this?


PSK31 HF FrequenciesPSK31 VHF Frequencies
160 meters1.838.150 MHz6 meters50.290 MHz
80 meters3.580.150 MHz2 meters

144.144 MHz

40 meters7.080.150 MHz *1.25 meters222.07 MHz
30 meters10.142.150 MHz70 centi-meters432.2 MHz
20 meters14.070.150 MHz33 centi-meters909 MHz
17 meters18.100.150 MHz  
15 meters21.080.150 MHz **  
12 meters24.920.150 MHz  
10 meters28.120.150 MHz  

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