Re: PSK Assist

Richard Rohrer

I have found on my IC7410 and IC7100 that I need one bar showing for full power out.  As Bob mentioned it does change with what band I am operating. Seems like the higher frequencies, 20 and above, need less audio input than the lower frequencies, 30 and down.  I made a chart of what my audio input setting should be and try to remember to set the audio when I change bands.  Since the PSKMeters are hard to find, I use a SDR receiver with Fldigi to check my signal.  I saw a Youtube video on how to set up with a scope, but have not done that as of yet.  

I also noticed that my FT817ND need at least one bar of ALC or there is no output.  

I missed the 80 sprint, as we are working in MD and I don't have an 80mtr antenna for the van.  

Dick - KC3EF

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