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Another exception is the Yaesu FT817. When I adjusted it to zero ALC, I had no power out. "One bar" of ALC resulted in full power output, almost five watts! Multiple bars of ALC caused distortion. I don't remember what the setting was for the 857.

I think the message is that the ALC indicators on different brands of radios mean different things, so there really isn't "one size that fits all." Unless you can find someone with exactly the same setup as yours, it's best to calibrate with on-the-air signal reports. These should be when you have a decent signal path (so S/N isn't degraded) and with a station that can tell the difference between overloading of his receiver and distortion in your transmitter.


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There is an exception that I know of.  If you are running an Elecraft K3, K3S, KX2, or KX3 they use a different method of power/ALC control.  The proper setting for these rigs on digital modes is 4 bars of ALC showing, 5th bar flickering.  Don't know if this applies to the new K4 or not.  Details here.

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