KC9UR POTA Portable APE Tall Tale Report Posted


Stan, W9SMR and I would like to thank everyone who worked us!  We had a great time and enjoyed every one of the 202 total QSOs.  In spite of the current poor propagation, a record 20 070 APE Hunters bagged us on three or more bands, and have nice certificates coming in the mail.  We also enjoyed QSOs with many POTA hunters, had a number of POTA Park-to-Park QSOs and several Park-to-Lighthouse QSOs (it was International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend).  As Stan likes to say, it's not the propagation, it's the participation - thanks so much for yours!  I've posted our "Tall Tales" report which includes pictures, log, and a listing of the certificate winners in the "APE Tall Tales" folder in the Files section.  Thanks again.

Bob, KC9UR

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