Re: Limited space antennas

Chuck M

Thanks for the feedback.  Have looked at the MyAntennas EFHW 8010 model.  It's around 130 feet long.  Might work on a long and narrow piece of property. 

Do like to run SSB now and then for QPs and such.


On Wednesday, September 2, 2020, 9:24:08 PM EDT, Ron Bosch <boschfamily@...> wrote:

I live in an HOA controlled neighbourhood.  I run a 135 ft end fed random with 2, 15-foot counterpoise wires.  It is runup through a stand-off from my chimney at about 20 feet down to my 10-foot high fence, and around the fence line of the property.  It is invisible from the street, and seems to work well for PSK, FT8, VARA HF, and ARDOP from 80 through 6 M.  It is less effective for SSB, as it is very noisy, and, strangely enough, I get almost no NVIS off of it.  I do have some Common Mode issues on 80M with it that I am currently (pun intended) chasing.


On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 6:49 PM Chuck M via <> wrote:
Currently living in the country on several acres.  Have plenty of room to stretch out an Alpha Delta DX-CC multi-band dipole, and use a 33 ft Gap Challenger vertical with the guy stakes out around 30 ft from the base.

We're looking to move sometime in the next couple of years and will need to change to antennas that can fit in a much smaller footprint.   The XYL wants some type of waterfront property, so space will be tight.  Need to give her some ideas on what is needed.  Assuming I'll be able to get a VHF / UHF on the roof somewhere.

Hoping the group can give some good suggestions based on their experience.  Like to have 80 through 10 meters, but will settle for 40 through 10.  No ideas at this point on how many trees we'd have, orientation, etc.

Thanks for your help.


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