Re: Awards question

Jerry N9AVY

It appears to be a "bug" in old system. Am seeing a lot of repeats on upgrades (only enter once please as it only confuses me !)

In time it will all be fixed as David has tim to work on it.

Have been under the weather the past 2 weeks or so. Please bear with me. If anyone has questions direct them directly to me because I'm keep a huge spreadsheet of upgrades.

Jerry N9AVY

On Monday, August 31, 2020, 02:18:33 PM CDT, K4VBM <ptcorners@...> wrote:

Lately, I after I have uploaded my file for awards processing, I apply
for the new awards that I qualify for,
but the next time I look (days later), the awards are no longer in the
applied-for state, and I end up applying again.
Is this a bug, or is there something that I missed?

K4VBM (Very Bad Memory)

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