#APE AUGUST APE Season is over for 2020. Thanks for the support. #APE

DAVE KB3RAN 1692/381

I'm thinking that APE  activity was off a bit this year due to Coronavirus restrictions but the support for the 2 APE'S sure wasn't off.  There was a lot of spotting, email sharing and general support for our APE's and it was appreciated.  It's nice to know that there are stations waiting for you to get on the air so they can get the APE contact then spot it on the networks.  I'm awaiting the APE  report from KC9UR Bob  and W9SMR/9 Stan.  It should be a good one since they are so experienced in doing APE's.

I want to thank all the members who went out of their way to help with the APE  Event this year.  And looking forward to my expedition to Labrador and Newfoundland next year.  I hope you are thinking of how you can get portable next year and do your own August PSK Expedition 2021.

See you on 80 next weekend.
Dave H KB3RAN 1692/381
PODXS070 APE Event Manager

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