80m Jay Hudak Sprint


I think, regardless of how crowded that segment is, we should get on, and have a good time with our 80m Sprint.
Back in the day...when I was the contest manager, we used to have "New Member Jamboree's" every100 new members. The scoring was crazy!...Number of QSO's X SPC's X the sum total of all the 070 member numbers you worked = Final score, or something like that...
How else could Jerry get at least a million points? Hi Hi
It was time for another "New Member Jamboree", and Jay, N3DQU, Charlie, K8IJ and I couldn't find a clear date on the world's contest calendar. So, what wound up was the "80 Meter Sprint" becoming the "Jay Hudak 80m Sprint". For those few that wonder who he was, Jay was 070-0001, with a membership date of 9/21/2000.
Back in my hole...
LONP #76
W6QP - Trustee
LONP #207

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