Come and get Wyoming" Special Event W7Y


The Shy-Wy Amateur Radio Club was originally scheduled to host the 2020 Wyoming ARRL Section Convention right here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We reserved the W7Y Special Event call-sign for the event. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the in-person event due to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic, but we’re not going to let this special event call-sign go to waste.

The W7Y special event station recognizes the postponed Wyoming Section ARRL Convention, hosted by the Shy-Wy ARC in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

We will operate the W7Y call-sign on various bands and modes starting September 6th, 2020 and ending on September 15th, 2020.

I will be on operating PSK31 as much as possible.  The wife already has a busy holiday weekend planned plus work during the week but I will jump on when possible.  If anyone needs Wyoming a  certain band please let me know and I'll do what I can to give it to you.

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